Teaching Experience 

I have been the instructor of record or a teaching assistant for the following courses in the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona.  


GEOG 150C Environment and Society (Teaching Assistant): an introductory course into human dimensions of environmental issues 

GEOG 220 Our Diverse Biosphere (Teaching Assistant): an introductory biogeography course 


GEOG  230 Our Changing Climate (Teaching Assistant): an introductory interdisciplinary course on both human and physical aspects of climate change


GEOG 240 Our Dynamic Landscape (Instructor): an introductory interdisciplinary course that includes geomorphology, biogeography, disturbance, and human-environment landscapes 

GEOG 302 Introduction to Sustainable Development (Instructor): an upper-level course on urban sustainable development 


GEOG 303 Field Study in Environmental Geography (Teaching Assistant and Instructor): an upper-level course on field skills and research approaches in environmental geography 

GEOG 350 Economic Geography (Teaching Assistant): an upper-level course on economic geography 

Teaching Materials 

Below are materials that I have used in my courses as an instructor or developed for the teaching practicum in my Certificate in College Teaching program.

Example syllabi:

GEOG 240 Our Dynamic Landscape

GEOG 362 Environment and Development 

Example lesson plans:


GEOG 303 Field Study in Environmental Geography

Utilizing maps in research 

Making a scientific poster presentation

GEOG 362 Environment and Development

Payments for ecosystem services and carbon markets

Example summative assessments: 

GEOG 240 Our Dynamic Landscape 

Term paper on a chosen disturbance

GEOG 362 Environment and Development

Case study paper assignment

Photo: Tanque Verde Wash outside Tucson, Arizona